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A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Best Air Conditioner System for Your Home

Summer is considered one of the best seasons to have fun because of the nice weather. A warm environment creates a better and more vibrant experience, making it the prime time to celebrate festivals and other fun-filled events. However, it is also a season where people would power their air conditioning systems to the highest level to blast away summer's heatwave. 

Indeed, air conditioning units are among the best gadgets to use whenever we want to cool down, especially during the summer season. Regardless, a single air conditioning unit cannot cool an entire room full of people. Since there are multiple kinds of air conditioning units available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your house.

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So before you purchase an air conditioning unit, it is best to know a few things about each unit type. You should also weigh the pros and cons, and some factors to get the best cooling system for you and your home.


Two Types of Air Conditioners

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Before deciding on the kind of air conditioner you want, you should know which is which. There are two types of air conditioners, and each type functions differently to generate cool air. 


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The two types of air conditioners are:

  • Stand-Alone Air Conditioners (one device).
  • Split-System Air Conditioners (two devices).


Stand-Alone Air Conditioner Units

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Perhaps the most well-known type of air conditioner is the stand-alone AC unit. It's a one-device AC since the coils are inside the unit. Stand-alone AC units are overall convenient since they are affordable, easy to install, and require less maintenance. However, their cooling capacity is only limited due to their smaller build.


Some examples of stand-alone ACs include:

  • Window Air Conditioners: From the name itself, this unit of AC is usually situated in a window. They come in various builds and sizes to fit windows of different sizes. The downsides of window air conditioners are that they tend to be loud when used, which can disturb sleeping and have a lower cooling capacity.
  • Portable Air Conditioners: This AC unit is perhaps the most convenient of all units since you never have to worry about installation fees or create a hole in your wall. It already has built-in wheels making it easy to move around. However, its capacity to generate cool air is somewhat limited due to its small size. 
  • Floor Mounted Air Conditioners: This type of AC unit is similar to a wall-mounted AC, but it's only mounted on the floor. Its two metal pipes go through the wall to release hot air, which means it's not portable. Although floor-mounted ACs take up a lot of space, their cooling capacity is much more powerful than window and portable units. 


Split-System Air Conditioner Units

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Another air conditioner type is the split-system AC unit. They are named as such because the standard components of an air conditioner are split into two individual units. Smaller and quieter units, such as the coils, are inside the house, while bigger and louder units like the compressor, condenser, and refrigerant are outside.


The most significant advantage of split-system ACs is efficient cooling capacity, powerful enough to cool an entire household. They are also much quieter than window-type ACs. Although, the biggest drawback is that they require high maintenance, are not easy to install, and are pretty expensive.


Some examples of split-system air conditioner units are:

  • Central Air Conditioners: Other known as ducted air conditioning systems since some of its parts like the pipes are duct-taped. It's relatively the most complex AC to install but the most convenient to operate. Moreover, its cooling capacity is powerful enough to cool the entire house. 
  • Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners: Although most wall-mounted ACs are the stand-alone type, some are available in a split-system unit and deliver just like a central AC unit, cooling an entire house. The best feature of this AC type is connecting 2-3 AC units with just a single outside compressor. 
  • Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner: This air conditioner unit is attached to the ceiling (or sometimes suspended from the ceiling) and is more appropriate in office spaces. The best asset of this unit is the incredible power it offers to generate cool air. Although, the installation of this AC unit is quite complex since it is to be installed on the ceiling.



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Many air conditioning systems are available in the market, starting from the type you prefer to many other considerations. Thus, it is essential to know and understand different factors such as cooling capacity, maintenance, and the area you wish to install the unit. Balance all these determining factors before choosing the ideal air conditioning unit for you and your home. 

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