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Implementing Shades of Blue in Home Decor: How to Refresh Your Home with Blue Area Rugs and Curtains 100% 20

Blue is a gorgeous color and refreshing at the same time. Its palette is filled with striking shades, each one of them exuding charm and elegance. From dark navy hues to light, pale shades, blue appears incredible when used in the right manner. In addition, it has the ability to make a statement when added to prominent places in the home. 

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If you are intimidated by blue and have been avoiding it for quite some time, it's high time you embraced it! You can add blue to your home in various spaces, in different forms and manners. As a decor option, it offers a great many choices, and the possibilities are indeed extensive.

As far as area rugs go, those in blue color appear truly stunning. Homeowners love having textured or patterned blue rugs right in the middle of the space. These rugs fill the area with elegance and charm. Once a rug is set, choosing decor items in other shades of blue for the same room becomes relatively easier.

Rugs and curtains in blue are undoubtedly a great combo! If you are looking for ways to freshen up your living space with the blue tint, here is how you can do so:


1. Choose A Statement Piece

If you are decorating your living space for the first time, you need to be careful enough and avoid a splash of color. Way too many dark-colored items will ruin your entire project of yours. Rather, start with a hint of color and keep adding more whenever you feel some dullness around you. 

The safest way to do so is by adding a statement piece and letting other items support it. For instance, you can have a thick, dark-colored, heavily textured blue rug right in the middle of the room, while other decorative items would be lighter in color comparatively. 

Or, you can go the other way round as well. Let your curtains speak through their vibrance and choose submissive items to go with them. Your center rug should also be a lighter shade of blue, just like the Momeni Karachi blue area rug. If you live in a hot geographical area where sunlight is always shining upon you, it's always a good idea to opt for thick and dark curtains as they will conceal the room quite nicely.

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2. Opt For The Right Size

Now that's really important! If you are looking for a central area rug, make sure that the size of this piece is appropriate enough for onlookers to feel comfortable. A rug that's way too small or gigantic can appear weird!

The size of the rug also depends on the kind of vibe you want your living space to exude. For instance, if you want the place to look comfy, you should go for a piece that offers maximum coverage. However, make sure to leave some space and then place the furniture, especially if your pieces of furniture are huge! 

If you are going for sheer blue curtains, make sure to place the rods a bit higher than the window itself. The higher pane will make the window elongated, and the entire space will appear sophisticated. 

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3. Go For Texture

Modern homes have some texture all around them in one way or the other. Be it rugs or curtains, decorative items or wallpapers; everything has a personality of its own. Textured things appear visually appealing compared to plain ones!

Textured rugs are quite sought-after amongst homeowners who want to make their living spaces warm and cozy. Touching textured rugs gives warmth; hence people with kids love having them. Hand-crafted rugs are a good choice to make. Though they are a bit expensive, their longevity is impressive! 

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However, you can always play safe by pairing textured rugs with plain curtains. For example, a dark-colored, woolen, heavily textured, and thick area rug right in the middle of the room looks great when simple curtains are hanging adjacent to it, giving the room a complete look. 

You can additionally have some statement lighting pieces like accent lights or floor lamps to make the room appear even more charming! Vases and pots of varied shades of blue across the room would also be a great idea to implement. 


Ready To Go Blue?

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Interior designers and curators love the shades of blue! They prefer it over other colors as it lets them experiment as much as they want, yet be right with every move. Area rugs and curtains that are blue in color make a great duo! If you are looking forward to re-doing your home, let the shades of blue do all the talking.

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